Things, not related to my work - images, texts, mindmaps, and (from ancient times but still very funny) some java-games. Enjoy!


Nomic is a recurrent game, created by Peter Suber (and spread by Douglas R. Hofstadter): The goal of the game is to change its own rules. Freaky, but very funny and you can learn a lot about why our own system of law is so incredibly comlex.
Das Spiel Nomic/ A game called Nomic (PDF, english&german)
(Please write me an email to receive the password to open the PDF.)

Java Games

Some games I have programed years ago - but they still offer a lot of fun.

Vectors: a game inspired by the movie "Tron" by Walt Disney, the first rendered movie in the history of cinematography. You and your oppenent control some kind of motor cycles that build up walls behind themselves. Your goal is to "terminate" your opponent by forcing him to drive against these walls. Very funny and despite of being very simple, it pushes your level of adrenaline upwards :-)
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Atoms: A boardgame that is almost impossible to play outside the computer. You place several plots into fields, but each field can only contain a limited number of plots. If there are more plots than allowed, the field explodes and the plots spread to the other fields (which might also explode due to too many plots). The chain reactions are amazing and the game is mindblasting. You can choose between a two player game, one player against computer, and computer against computer. (My first own AI - almost invulnerable, but not very human :-) )
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