These are some of my favourite links. Have fun visiting them!

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About the Brain

The Brain from Top to Bottom

Neuroscience for Kids

Neuroanatomy Tutorial

Brodman Maps

A Brainatlas: Brainexplorer

Another Brainatlas with textsearch: Braininfo

About Emotion and the Brain (german): Wissen und Emotion


Free cutting edge EEG Software: EEGLab

MRI info: Functional MR Resources

The Wavelet Tutorial

Free Journals and Literature

Directory of Open Access Journals

Public Library of Science


Network of literature: Beats Biblionetz

Math and Statistics

Math Online Tools


Mathtools Statistics

Learning Statistics: JUMBO

Luchsinger Mathematics Seminars


A free Jazz primer: A Jazz Improvisation Primer

A great Jazz course:Jazclass

A great (german) introduction to harmonics: Harmonielehre

Free music: Your Digital Music Oasis

Mapping of information

Mapping Software CMap Tools

Free Mindmapping Software Freemind

A Survey of Information Visualization Applications and Techniques

What I did wrong: Die Webdesign Referenz


German history after WWII: Lebendiges Museum Online

Calvin & Hobbes by subjects

Great Minds: Edge magazine

Great Concepts: Complexity Digest

Tips for Writers

When Computers are Dreaming (Sreensaver): Electric Sheep